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Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing Home Page is a homepage with good recourses and informations about ritual abuse, what it is about, who and what could help and a lot more. Defenately a website rich of informations.


Survivorship provides informations for those who went through ritual abuse and mind control. There is a section public and a member section. Survivorship is for those who need advise and help. Of course they do take the responsebality of portection of their members real serious.


The Intenational Society for the Study of Dissociation is: I take the note from their site because I canīt say it with better words. (thank you for letting me use this sentence)

The Society is a nonprofit professional association organized for the purposes of:
information sharing and international networking of clinicians and researchers;
providing professional and public education;
promoting research and theory about dissociation; and
promoting research and training in the identification, treatment, and prevention of dissociative disorders

Copyright: by the ISSD

Internatinal Society for the Study of Dissociation

PARC-VRAMC Hompage is an educational site. It gives informations about ritual abuse and ritual torture, mindcontrol and nonconsensual experimentation aswell as sadistic abuse. It is a non-profit site, built up to educate the public. One of their projects is the Chattanooga Living Memorial Garden in Tennessee. Check it out on their website. It is a lovely place filled with hope, love and of course the pain behind. This site is an exellent recourse.


Persons Against Ritual Abuse - Torture are Linda and Jeanne who have learned to believe the survivors. Both are working with people and are educated in different ways to help people who suffer from any kind of violence. Their site gives information about ritual abuse/ritual torture and is a recourse to look up at words and definations. Very good written and understandable. Both want to wake up the public audience so that there will be more help out there and that it might stop.

A good and sensetive site, check it out.......

Persons Against Ritual Abuse - Torture

Synchrony is a place where trauma therapists and health professionals can come together who themselves survived any form of child abuse. Also psychotherapists who are dealing with traumatic stress, primary or secondary are welcome. A wonderful resource for those who are helping others to overcome their wounds inside.........

Synchrony - a place of connection for Survivor Therapists

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